Vallejo Artist Acrylic Paint 200ml

Vallejo Artist Acrylic Paint 200ml

High quality acrylic paint from Vallejo, Spain.

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Vallejo Artist Acrylic Paint 200ml

The Vallejo Acrylic Artist Paint has been elaborated with the best available pigments for artists, in a range of colors of maximum stability and degree of light fastness. The pigments are dispersed in a 100% acrylic polymer emulsion. The formulation of this range includes organic and inorganic pigments such as cadmium, cobalt, quinacridone and pyrroles, and does not contain the additives that are considered fillers or matting agents so the drying of these colors will be brilliant, satin, or matt, and opaque or transparent, depending on the nature of the pigment.

The colors have a thick and creamy consistency, a viscosity of 20.000-25.000 cPs (so called “heavy-body”) and maintain the textures and volumes created with a brush or spatula. Acrylic Artist Color dries with a minimum alteration of color (no “color shift”) during transition from humid to dry, leaving a film of excellent adhesion, flexibility and resistance. All colors are water- resistant, non- yellowing, and UV resistant.

The range is complemented by a selection of special colors; Metallic, Fluorescent and Incandescent. All colors can be mixed and combined with our mediums and textures.

Arylic Artist Color conforms to the European Security Regulations and Environmental Standards of the REACH Protocol and to the U.S.A. certification ASTM D-4236.

Vallejo is one of the first manufactures of acrylic paint in Europe. The technology and formulas were aquired from the United States. 

Info about the color shades:

- Primose Cadmium Yellow, monopigment PY35, opaque.

- Hansa Yellow, monopigment, PY3, semi-opaque.

- Titanium Yellow, monopigment, PY53, opaque.

- Cadmium Lemon Yellow, monopigment, PY35, semi-opaque.

- Cadmium Yellow Medium, monopigment, PY35, opaque.

- Naples Yellow, PO20, PW6, PY42, opaque.

- Cobalt Yellow (Hue) PY3, PY42, semi-opaque.

- Cobalt Yellow, monopigment PY40, semi-opaque.

- Nickel Azo Yellowm monopigment PY150 semi-opaque.

- Flesh Tint, PW6, PO20, PR108, opaque.

- Cadmium Orange Light, monopigment, PO20, opaque.

- Transparent Orange, monopigment PY83, transparent.

- Pyrrolw Orange, monopigment PO73, semi-opaque.

- Cadmium Orange, monopigment PO20, opaque.

- Vermillion (Hue), PR112, PW6, PY3, opaque.

- Pyrrole red, monopigment PR254, opaque.

- Cadmium red light, monopigment PO20, opaque.

- Cadmium vermillion, monopigment PR108, opaque.

- Naphtol Red Light, monopigment PR112, semi-opaque.

- Naphtol Crimson, monopigment PR5, semi-opaque.

- Cadmium red Medium, monopigment PR108, opaque.

- Cadmium red deep, monopigment, PR108, opaque.

- Quinacridone Red Magent, monopigment PR122, semi-opaque.

- Quinacridona Pale Red, monopigment PV19, semi-opaque.

- Quinacridone Burnt orange, monopigment PR206, semi-opaque.

- Quinacridone Crimson, PR206, PR122, semi-opaque.

- Quinacridone Violet, monopigment PV19, opaque.

- Cobalt Violet, monopigment PV14, transparent.

- Permanent Violet, PV23, PR146, opaque.

- Ultramarine Violet, monopigment, PV16, transparent.

- Cerulean Cobalt Blue, monopigment PB35, semi-transparent.

- Cyan Blue, PW6, PB15:3, opaque.

- Cobalt Blue (Hue) PB29, PW6, opaque.

- Ultramarine Blue, monopigment PB29, semi-opaque.

- Cobalt blue deep,monopigment PB28, opaque.

- Phthalo Blue, monopigment PB15:3, opaque.

- Cobalt blue chrome, monopigment, PB36, opaque.

- Anthraquinone Blue, monopigment PB60, opaque.

- Prussian Blue (Hue), PB29, PB 15:3, PBk7, opaque.

- Phthalo Turquoise , PG7, PB15:3, opaque.

- Teal, PW6, PB15:3, PG7, opaque.

- Cobalt Turquoise, PB35, PY35, opaque.

- Phthalo Green, monopigment PG7, opaque.

- Permanent Green, PY3, PG7, opaque.

- Emerald green, PY3, PG7, opaque.

- Hooker's Green, PY42, PG7, opaque.

- Chromium Oxide Green, monopigment, PG17, opaque.

- Cadmium Green: PY35, PG7, opaque.

- Cobalt green, monopigment, PG50, opaque.

- Sap Green, P83, PG7, opaque.

- Olive green, PG7, PY42, R101, opaque.

- Green hearth, PG23, PBk11, transparent.

- Gold Ochre, PY42, PR101, opaque.

- Yellow Ochre, monopigment, PY43, opaque.

- Transoxide Yellow, monopigment, PY42, transparent.

- Mars Yellow, monopigment PY42, opaque.

- Mars Orange, PY42, PR101, opaque.

- Mars Red, monopigment PR101, opaque.

- Transoxide Red, monopigment, PR101,transparent.

- Raw Sienna, monopigment PBr7, opaque.

- Burnt Siena, PBr7, PY42, PR101, opaque.

- Burnt Rose Dark, PBr7, opaque.

- Mars violet, PR101, PBk11, opaque.

- Raw Umber, monopigment, PBr7, opaque.

- Burnt umber, monopigment, PBr7, opaque.

- Van Dyck Brown, PBr7, PY4, PBk11, opaque.

- Dark Grey, Pw6, PBk9, PBr7, opaque.

- Medium Grey, Pw6, PBk9, PBr7, opaque.

- Light Grey, PW, PBk9, PBr7, opaque.

- Payne's Grey, PB29, PY42, PBk11, opaque.

- Lamps Black, monopigment, PBk7, opaque.

- Mars black, monopigment, PBk11, opaque.

- Ivory Black, monopigment, Pbk9, opaque.

- Zinc White, monopigment, PW4, semi-opaque.

- Titanium white rutile, monopigment, pw6, opaque.

- Titanium White Anatase, monopigment, pw6, opaque.


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